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There’s something special about watching the Friday the 13th movies on Friday the 13th; in the town where the original 1980 slasher was filmed. Every Friday the 13th hundreds of horror fans make a ritual pilgrimage to Blairstown, NJ in honor of the Mother-Of-All-Modern-Slasher-Films, Friday The 13th Part 1 (1980).

Join us at Roy’s Hall on Friday, December 13th to celebrate with an all-night marathon of classic kills that begins at sundown with the original Friday The 13th Part 1 at 4:30PM and continues through the night with FT13 Parts Two at 6:30PM, Part Three at 8:30PM and Part Four at 10:30PM.


Click this link to purchase tickets to all four movies in the marathon

To purchase tickets to an individual show please click on the appropriate link below:

4:30PM – Friday The 13th Part One – The original 1980 horror classic – Filmed in and around Blairstown, NJ

6:30PM – Friday The 13th Part Two (1981)

8:30PM – Friday The 13th Part Three (1982)

10:30PM – Friday The 13th Part Four – The Final Chapter (1984)